Show Pride in Your Jiu-Jitsu Club

  • January 07 , 2018
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Show pride in your jiu-jitsu club. Whether your club is fighting in a tournament or doing a fundraiser you want each member of you club to show the club’s name with pride. Buying patches for your jiu-jitsu club or organization is not only a great way to show pride but also a great way to get your name out there and advertise your club.

There are many different methods of creating patches and Bjj Patches covers multiple methods so that you get exactly what you want at the prices you need. The methods of creating patches we cover include,

  • embroidered,
  • woven,
  • chenille
  • dye sublimation.

In this post we will focus on the benefits of dye sublimation. Bjj patches makes their dye sublimation patches with detail and special care to make sure you get the best possible results and the brightest colors that will stand out no matter the color of the uniform or what environment you are in.

Benefits of Using Dye Sublimation

The process of dye sublimation is done with a special computer that uses a process involving heat to dye a picture or writing on to a material such as plastic, card paper or fabric. This process, although being a little more in the cost department, is one of the most eye appealing and long lasting methods that are around today. Since this process makes the dye enter the material just below the surface this method of creating patches is virtually waterproof and scratch-proof. When you choose dye sublimation BJJ patches you have a high quality set of patches that will last you for years to come and still look brand new years from now. Dye sublimation is also an easier process than others so you can choose a patch design with more detail then you would be able to put into it using some other methods of patch design.

Learn More

Want to learn more on dye sublimation and other processes to create patch designs? Check out for details on ordering, patch designs, and more. Bjj patches will work with you and your club to make sure the end product is something you and your whole club can be able to wear with pride. Show pride in your jiu-jitsu club.