The Use of Gi Patches in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • September 07 , 2017
  • blog

The use of gi patches in Brazilian jiu-jitsu are known for beautiful patches that are worn on the front, back, arms, and legs of the uniform. Jiu jitsu patches represent a variety of different things and competitors have differing opinions on the best placement for patches and the best types of patches to represent. Bjj gi patches have become so popular that many schools have started creating guidelines regarding which types of patches can be represented. Some schools only allow sponsor and school patches, while others allow students to get as creative as possible.

Sponsors and Brands

One of the main uses for patches is sponsorship. Many competitors get sponsored by certain companies and represent the companies by wearing custom BJJ patches. The sponsor determines the design of the patch, including colors, font, size, and shape. Wearing sponsor patches lets other competitors know that you’re serious about the sport and are good enough to garner the attention of sponsors and earn sponsorships.

Branding is another type of popular patch. Certain brands who manufacture gis and other jiu jitsu products create jiu jitsu patches for the brand. Gis may be sold with the brand’s patch already attached, or you can order patches of your favorite brands to add to your gi.

School Recognition

The large patch on the back of the gi often represents the school. Owners of jiu jitsu schools like to represent their studios so that spectators at tournaments will know where the fighters come from and possibly inquire about lessons. It’s a form of marketing for the school and a form of loyalty to the school by the student. Depending on the school, you may also be provided with achievement patches that showcase your skills.

Personality Patches

The last use of gi patches in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are those used to showcase a fighter’s personality. These may be logos, sayings, name patches, or any other individualized patches. Fighters like these because individualized patches set fighters apart from each other and allow fighters to create a unique persona at matches. At BJJ patches, we specialize in custom creating patches for schools, camps, sponsors, brands, and individual orders. Whether you need a bulk order for your school or just want a couple of custom patches, we can fulfill your order and provide you with a professional product.