Design your patches for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • May 29 , 2018
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Design your patches for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu, also known as BJJ in short, has been revered as an effective martial arts form, which can also be used in real life circumstances. So BJJ not only makes you a good martial artist in this area but will help you defend yourself in real life dangers with its grappling and ground fighting moves. Working your way to black belt will take extreme amount of dedication and time. After you become involved in this martial art you may be interested in looking into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu patches. It is not easy to create a design, or even draw an inspiration of what you believe to be your school logo. This takes a lot of work and talent if you are not familiar with any  form of graphic art. We will help you design your patches for BJJ, or help you with a graphic artist to compete the task.

There are many things you need to keep in mind while designing a BJJ patch. Once the design is finalized then we can take over the process of converting your artwork to a finished patch. You will need to choose between embroidered, dye sublimation, or a woven patch as your finished product. BJJ Patches will deliver on their promise of creating best patches for all of their clients. They will make it for a reasonable price in no time! Visit

Here are the things you need to keep in mind if you want to design your patches for Brazilian Jiu-Jiu.

  1. You need to take the length and width of your patch in mind

How long and wide do you want your BJJ patch to be? This is important for lapel patches. You need to be realistic about what size you’d go for. Back patches range from 8” to 12”in diameter with 10” being the most common size.

  1. Number of patches you intend to order

This particularly doesn’t have to do with design, but you should know the number of patches you will need in consideration. The complexity of design and number of patches ordered will dictate the time and more importantly the price for your BJJ patches. Price discounts are greater with larger quantities ordered.

  1. Type of patches you would want 

There are dye sublimation patches, woven patches, and embroidered patches. When you use woven or dye sublimation patches, you can incorporate greater detailing. With embroidered patches, you cannot make a too complicated design. Embroidered patches are the most common and traditional, but if you want to add excessive detailing, go for dye sublimation patches.

  1. Do not put too much in your patch

Your patch should be conveying your logo without looking too gaudy with detailing. Any idea that is worth mentioning is better to keep simple than complicated. Hence, it is practical to think of less detailing to shine on focus on the message. Less is more. 

  1. Think about color combinations 

What colors would you like to choose for your BJJ patches? For text, for the graphics and design? You need to mention that to the designers or ask for suggestions when you get stuck making these decisions.

  1. Keep in mind the space and text the design would take up in a patch

Ideally, your text needs to be clearly seen. Anything that is too small would be hard to distinguish from an alphabet or numeral. Also, if your graphic takes up  little space, it is not a great idea to go for detailed design.

These are the top tips that will help you in designing your BJJ Patches. But we also understand that some people cannot really design things even if they want to. Artists and designers that work with BJJ Patches will help you choose from the variety of designs and concepts that are at their disposal. You can take inspiration from them and communicate what you want to add to your patch. They deliver completed patches from 7-10 days after sample approval.

You can visit to help design your patches and know more about their services.