Custom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Patches Showcase Your Personality

  • February 07 , 2018
  • blog

Competitors of Brazilian Jui Jitsu often wear a gi that’s covered with sponsorship patches, school patches, or custom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi patches. Custom patches are so popular that there are rules outlining exactly where patches go on a gi, and some schools have rules outlining how many patches a student can have and which kinds of patches are acceptable. Some schools only allow a jiu jitsu gi patch that represents the school, sponsors, or a brand. Other schools allow students to decorate their gis with any patches they want. Jiu jitsu competitors who want to personalize their gi can order custom patches that add bling and personality to an otherwise basic uniform.

Ordering Custom Patches

When you order from Bjj Patches, we can custom design a patch from a drawn sketch, a computer generated graphic, a photograph, or a scanned picture. If you have a general idea of what you want but don’t have a picture of it, we can work with you to create a patch that captures your idea. Once you place an order, we create a BJJ patch for your approval.

If your school doesn’t have guidelines regarding Brazilian jiu jitsu gi patches, you can create anything you want. People place orders for patches with funny sayings, logos or symbols from favorite television shows, custom name patches, and funny slogan patches.

Patches for Old and New Gis

Many competitors do not get rid of old gis, especially if they won a lot of matches in the gi or have special reasons for holding onto it. A favorite activity of competitors is to bling out old gis with custom made patches. The new gi has the traditional jiu jitsu gi patch or the allowed patches provided by the school, but the old gi becomes a canvas for personalization.

While there are some jiu jitsu competitors who like to keep a clean look to their gi and not fill up the empty space with patches, most competitors enjoy collecting and showcasing custom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi patches. It allows competitors to stand out from each other and you can create a memorable impact by wearing noticeable patches to your matches.